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22 Jun – 19 Oct 2014
The teachings on Christology are a study of the mystery of Christ, namely the relationship of Father, Son and Holy Spirit. At the centre of this study is an attempt to unveil the mystery, “Who exactly is Christ?” The view postulated is that to know God, one must first know Christ…Christ is the only door/way to knowing God.
Through the revelation of Christ, we discover the exegetical key to unlocking the Scriptures. To study Christ we must gain a multi-dimensional perspective of Him, specifically from three distinct vantage points: (1) His pre-existence (Christ); (2) His existence (Jesus Christ – earthly ministry); (3) His post-existence (Christ Jesus – seated in Heaven).
Through these teachings we will learn how to relate to the Godhead – by an in-depth understanding of the supreme Father/Son dyad. We the Body of Christ will discover the type of relationship we are designed to have with God as our Father. In this way the original intent for the creation of the human race is fulfilled…the function of the Church, as the sons of God, in the image and likeness of deity.  

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