Accessing Grace

Accessing Grace

27 Jan – 24 Feb 2013

Grace may describe the character or ‘substance’ representing God Himself. It is the veritable substance, essence and nature of the Godhead.  Grace is the real estate of the heavens. Grace is essentially that ‘property’ in a ‘thing’ that drives it to function in a particular way.  A divine endowment freely given. Grace is this divine ‘property’ installed into the believer (s) energising/empowering them to function as representatives of God. When they function under the unction of grace, it may be said they are what they are ‘by the grace of God’. In a nutshell, it is the divine nature/property freely given to believers to effectively function as the sons of God in the earth. GRACE IS THE IMPOSITION OF THE DIVINE NATURE INTO THE BODY OF THE BELIEVER. Charis stands in direct contrast to ergon (works)

Principally, the primary medium for the release of grace is the word of God. The Word is full of grace. By connecting to the word communicated through sent ones we connect to grace.


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