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View these messages as your starting point to the Apostolic Message. “The Mantle of Changing Seasons” is the recommended message to start your journey. These messages consist of multiple sessions and should be listened to as a whole.

Gate Ministries Sandton downloads

Gate Ministries Sandton (GMS) is the local house over which Thamo Naidoo is the presiding elder. The messages shared at GMS are available for download here. There are numerous downloads available such as Sunday messages that are taught as a series, conferences and forums.

Thursdays with Thamo

Thamo Naidoo shares his thoughts live on a Thursday via our online Facebook & YouTube community. Listen to these insightful, concise teachings.

Perspectives on the Apostolic

POA (Perspectives on the Apostolic) is a ministerial and leadership forum that takes place once a month and alternates between Pietermaritzburg and Sandton. It occurs on a Tuesday at GATE Ministries Sandton (GMS) and on a Wednesday at River of Life Christian Ministries (ROLCM) Pietermaritzburg. The forum is directed at pastoral elders, leaders in the market place and any believer struggling with the accountability of being a wellspring in arid land.

MY CITY Koinonia

My City Koinonia is a fellowship of congregations gathering for the sole purpose of establishing the City of God in our region. Through the Koininia (fellowship) of congregations the Body of Christ will be established for the advancement of the kingdom of God. It is in the plurality of expressions that we hear the singularity of the voice of God calling the Church to the place of Oneness demanded by the Spirit in this season.
For a deeper understanding of the tenets that underpin the foundation of My City Koinonia, listen to the teachings on The Ekklesia (Doctrine of the Church) – Defining the Church & The City of God

Apostolic Leadership Summit Cape Town 2017

The second Apostolic Leadership Summit held in Cape Town at the Lighthouse Christian Church, Parow from 19-21 July 2017

Apostolic Leadership Summit Sandton 2017

Our second Apostolic Leadership Summit held at the Sandton Convention Centre.

Apostolic Leadership Summit Cape Town 2016

An Apostolic Leadership Summit held at the GrandWest Casino, hosted by Thamo & Mirolyn Naidoo and Dr Sagie & Rochelle Govender. 10-13 August 2016

Apostolic Leadership Summit Perth 2016

An Apostolic Leadership Summit held in Perth, hosted by Richard and Mary Oliver.

Apostolic Leadership Summit Sandton 2016

An Apostolic Leadership Summit held at the Sandton Convention Centre. The conference saw 30+ nations gather to listen to messages from Dr. Sagie Govender, John Alley, Bishop Joseph Mattera and Thamo Naidoo

Apostolic Leadership Summit Washington

The ALS was created as a platform to introduce and advocate the Apostolic Season to church leaders and gatekeepers of the different sectors of society. Through the ALS Thamo anticipates the radical adjustment of belief, behaviour and structures within church and societal systems. The ALS has become a national and international event.

Apostolic School of Ministry (ASOM)

The ASOM was launched in Pietermaritzburg, South Africa in 2001 and has since been established as an apostolic resource platform to assist leaders receive instruction and guidelines for transition into the apostolic season. After 13 years of schools hosted biannually in Pietermaritzburg, Sandton now serves as the hub for schools hosted internationally. The ASOM is currently held in five other countries namely, Botswana, Kenya, Tanzania, Zambia and the Dominican Republic.

Biblical Economics

A Financial Conference hosted during 8-10 August 2013 at Gate Ministries Sandton.

Kingdom Economics Conference

An Economics Conference hosted on 23-24 November 2012 at River of Life Christian Ministries. Thamo Naidoo Communicates Eternal Wisdom Concerning Finances with Apostolic Authority, Biblical Balance and Consistant Clarity.

Global Apostolic Summit

The GAS conference was held on the 19 – 22 of July 2009 at the Durban International Conference Centre (ICC). This conference was hosted by the Elders of the Judah Kingdom Alliance (JKA). The JKA is an Apostolic alliance comprising of diverse autonomus ministries, networks, churches and individuals who have covenanted to partnership in seamless relationships to advance the Kingdom of God in the earth.

Thamo Naidoo Travels

Messages shared both locally and internationally.

Apostolic Worship School of Ministry

This Conference was held in February 2008. The purpose of this conference was to bring definition to Worship in the current season of God.

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