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Podcasts by Thamo Naidoo 

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Apostles’ Doctrine

Apostles’ Doctrine podcast is in-depth biblical, doctrinal teachings/instructions systematically arranged, covering various biblical truths calling the Church to return to authentic Christianity. These teachings unveil the greater depths of God’s Word and thereby expose the way the Church is apostolically designed to live.

Present Truth by Thamo 

Present Truth are contemporary, revelatory, seed thoughts extracted from the Truth, the Eternal Word of God. These seminal truths are described as the proceeding truths (Greek: rhema) derived from the preceding Word (Greek: logos). They are comparable to the ‘raw materials’ or ‘constituent elements’ contributing to the preparation and construction of doctrine which may assist the believers/sons of God in their journey to maturity.

Thamo at Gate Sandton

Thamo at Gate Sandton refers to the pastoral messages shared by Thamo with the Gate Ministries Sandton (GMS) Household (Thamo serves as the Senior Elder of this Spiritual Household). The GMS Household is likened to a laboratory where the messages are first tested and if proven effective then considered acceptable for sharing with the nations.


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