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Perspectives on the Apostolic

We are pleased to announce a fresh approach to the hosting of Perspectives on the Apostolic (POA). Historically, POAs were hosted within strategic demographic regions in South Africa and occasionally in a few other African countries. 

However, with changing times (as you may be familiar with) we have reviewed our approach and have decided to go virtual. While we would surely miss the refreshing times of fellowship many of us have enjoyed, there are significant benefits to online broadcasts. We will transcend geographic boundaries to reach more individuals and nations at the same time. Besides, this gives you, our delegates the freedom to attend the gathering from within the comforts of your own space or with your family and/or spiritual community/households. You may agree, this will allow us to enjoy the Word of God without exposing ourselves to physical dangers like the Covid-19 virus.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is POA?

The POA platform was established by Thamo Naidoo, the spiritual leader of GATE, almost two decades ago. 

The platform was designed to reach diverse groups of leaders from within the Church of Jesus Christ. At the heart of its establishment was the desire to introduce the teachings of the Apostolic Season to leaders from within the Church, the Body of Christ. Over the years the platform evolved into becoming the place where many received spiritual sustenance through the doctrines taught. Presently, it continues to address the questions of the enquirer or the uncertain, deals with contemporary issues confronting church leaders, presents biblical models for ministry (and life), and supplies spiritual inputs to those who desire ongoing spiritual development.

The POA is a doctrinal platform, paying specific attention to the doctrine of Christ and the doctrine of the first Apostles. Therefore we can describe the presentations as Christo-centric, with an emphasis on Sola Scriptura (Only the Holy Scriptures). The motif for this approach is to call the Church back to the eternal, heavenly, biblical blueprints for its establishment, existence, and ministry on the earth. 

How are the POAs Conducted

As we have stated, the POA will be hosted on the Zoom online platform. All delegates must register to have access to the platform. We have made a decision to not make the live online stream available to other online platforms, such as FaceBook, Youtube, etc. Recordings of these sessions will eventually be uploaded to the website and to our online channels.

In its present format, the POA is made up of two sessions where Thamo or a an invited guest will teach. Each session of the teaching is approximately  60 minutes. For the comfort of the delegates, we will have an interval of 15 minutes. 

When is the Next POA?

Dates for 2022

8 February

5 April 

14 June 

2 August

11 October

6 December

From 11:00 – 13:30 GMT +2

Please contact for more information.

*Dates are subject to change. Please monitor website for latest updates. 


Registrations are closed for this event


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