Apostolic Culture

Apostolic Culture 

8 Jul – 23 Dec 2012

The word apostolic’ simply means to be authentic, original or credible. The culture is a way of life adopted by the people of God. The pursuit for the building in accordance with the preexistent design of God. Whatever God builds on earth should be able to contain the indwelling presence of God. non compliance with the design of God will be fatal for the people of God. God is building a people (both individually and corporately) as the temple, through whom the eternal purpose is established. 

Acts 2:42 – thamo reads, interprets and upacks this verse and how it relates to the present day church. He explains the and describes how the church should steadfastly inculcate the culture of the early church. We learn the true meaning of apostles doctrine, fellowship, breaking of bread and prayers. We are taken on a journey through the behaviour of the apostolic church sampled for us in the Acts of the apostles. By inculcating the apostolic culture, it is anticipated that the 21st century church will have all things in common and how it can enjoy the powerful manifestation of a conquering people on the earth.


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