The Ekklesia (Doctrine of the Church)

June 5 to October 23, 2016

This series teaches us to see everybody through the spectacles that identify grace because of who we are, we are the Body of Christ. In Christ, we are all one new man, washed in the blood, cleansed, and redeemed; the Church is the new human race.The word ek means out of; the word klesia means a calling. We have been called “out of” one kingdom to be “brought into” another kingdom, the kingdom of God. God called out Abraham when he said to him, “Come out, and I am going to make you a great nation, and I am going to make you such a blessing that in you every nation will be blessed.” In this series we are also reminded that Abraham’s life is directly related to ours and that whatever promises God made to Abraham, after He swore by Himself and by His Word, are attributable to us. So a He swore to Abraham and his Seed, He has now constituted a new nation called the Church of Jesus Christ. 


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