The Mark, The Beast and The Anti-Christ Session 3

The Mark, The Beast and The Antichrist

March 29 to April 12, 2020

This series on The Mark, The Beast and The Antichrist is built around key principles extracted from diverse teachings which dynamically contribute to the position communicated. While many people are obsessed with the Mark (666), the Beast and Anti-Christ, few speak about us being sealed (on our foreheads) with the mark of the Father and the Son. The mark of the Father/Son means we are divinely owned. The Antichrist system rejects/denies the Father/Son dyad modelled by the historical Jesus, (the Son) in His earthly relationship with the Father. This relationship taught us to relate to God as Father. When we accept the fact that God is our Father and we are His Sons then we are automatically protected from the antichrist system, and the mark of the beast. Satan cannot touch us if we believe and accept the fact that, in Christ, we are reconciled and adopted by God, our Father, and that we are His children.


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