Understanding the Spirit of Father

Understanding the Spirit of Father

17 Jun – 1 Jul 2012

This set of teachings is aimed at restoring the spirit of the heavenly father in deity to the church. The church is bereft of true fathers. Consequently the church is desolate because the void has been filled by immature leaders. 

We are presented a fresh perspective of the Matthew 28:16ff missional text. We are exposed to the perspective of  baptism in the name of the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit. We are exhorted to carry the image of God. The image and likeness of God is called the ‘sons of God.’ For the church to produce the sons of God will necessitate the  increase of spirit of the Father. 

The spirit of the heavenly fathers is channelled to through families headed by elders. These elders are representative fathers, they live solely for the Father. They deputise on behalf of the godhead. 

We are taught that those who are God’s carry the name of the father/son on our foreheads. This is an antithesis to the mark of the beast. 


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