Welcome to the Brand New Thamo Naidoo website experience.

We are pleased to announce the launch of our new and improved website: ThamoNaidoo.com. After almost a year of arduous work by an amazing team under the leadership of Hari Rao (India), we present to you, a brand new ThamoNaidoo.com experience. We sincerely appreciate the selfless labours of all our contributors to this project.

 In sharing with you the purpose for the website overhaul – the overarching architecture, the redesign of functionality, the gruelling task of reorganising content, coupled with great financial steps of faith (during Covid-19) – we are brought to this point of having you enjoy all our content, presented on a brand new platform.

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The motivation for the upgrade is twofold:

  1. Prophetic Conviction: Thamo has repeatedly stated that a global move towards the Word of God is imminent. Masses will abandon outdated religious paradigms/traditions in pursuit of ‘truth’. He has maintained that apostolic churches/ministries should prepare for such an advent by increasing capacity. This conviction was fuelled by a dynamic prophetic word declared by Shaun Blignaut (and confirmed by fellow prophets) to the Gate Global Family, at the seventh anniversary of Gate Ministries Sandton, South Africa in February 2019.

“Tap into the technological advances in the structure of the earth, to carry your voice through the airwaves of the nations … through this a greater governmental prayer thrust will sweep through the house, by which territories of the earth will be both bombarded and guarded, preparing the pathways for strategic interventions in the nations … Take the airwaves! Employ the technological advances of Babylon for the advancement of Kingdom breakthrough!” (excerpt) Shaun Blignaut

  1. Philosophical Kingdom Conviction: ‘More excellence’. Our earthly works should reflect the heavenly culture. In considering the prophetic words ‘global interest to seek out a greater understanding of the Apostolic Movement,’ it was necessary to create capacity to accommodate an influx of visitors. Therefore, we engaged professionals who understood the spirit and mandate of Thamo, to create a seamless and efficient website of international standards. We hope that these resources will be received as ‘heavenly bread’, as users experience effortless navigation of the site.

Key features:

New branding

Our new logo emblematically signifies the divine mandate assigned to Thamo. The logo (symbol) is a combination of a three-strand chord. Biblically it represents three-fold ministry, or more excellent ministry! The website aims to exhibit the heavenly ethos of a more excellent ministry.


64.4% of users on Thamonaidoo.com access the site via a mobile device. Consequently, the mobile browsing experience is now effortless, enabling our visitors to enjoy the vast number of teachings on the go.

Content organisation

There are over 500 messages on the website. Many of the teachings are doctrinal, arranged thematically as series. For the enquirer, they serve as information on the Apostolic Movement. For others, the content could serve as devotional resources. Our users will find it easy to browse through the many titles, and choose from a vast library of messages.

Search and filter-friendly

Thamonaidoo.com is designed to be ‘search and filter-friendly.’ The Search feature enables users to search by topic or keyword.

Enjoy content summaries

Content summaries are snapshots of each series, and each session. With over 500 messages, our objective is to enable the user to easily find topics for focus and study. The uploading of content summaries is an ongoing process.

Social media sharing

If you have found your experience on our new platform beneficial, please consider sharing it with your social media feeds. We will soon embark on a social media rollout showcasing the new and improved ThamoNaidoo.com. We’d like and encourage you to please share these posts with your friends and family. Follow Thamo’s social handles (@ThamoNaidoo) on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. We trust that you will become a regular visitor to our website, and that it will serve as your spiritual resource centre. Please send us your feedback, so we may improve our service to you, and the Church of Jesus Christ. Send your comments to info@thamonaidoo.com
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