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The Genesis Creation Agenda Series

17 Mar – 4 Aug 2013

The study of the creation agenda and the systematic sequence of the divine implementation of its designs are informative, infectious and influential. Not only do we capture insights of the brilliance and modus operandi  of the Creator. By studying creation we are introduced to the mind of the creator – the way He creates. By knowing the mind of the designer we are endowed with the ability to manage the creation of all things effectively.

Both heaven and earth have been created to support the existence of the family of God 

The ingenious mind of God, the creator, is meticulously expressed through the ordinal and cardinal principles undergirding and regulating creation. These principles govern and express the decree of God. 

Genesis 1:1-2 is a prelude to the Genesis creation agenda. These two verses are the seminal thoughts shaping our first encounter and perspective on everything that will follow it. They introduce us to the God, our environment (heaven and earth) and that fact that the earth was purposeless and dysfunctional since darkness (ignorance) was the appearance (face) of the ‘deep’. These verses can be enigmatic being impregnated with meanings difficult to be contained in the wine skin of human language.

Everything Created was for Christ and His Church. – the Corporate Son. Planet earth was created to be stewarded by the Family/Sons of God. All of its magnificent resources was for the sons of God to enjoy. (1 Cor. 4:1 ff).


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