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The Ministry of Elijah

November 9, 2014 to April 26, 2015

This series will bring you to appreciate the book of Malachi through the spectacles of the spirit of Elijah who represents the Lord in preparing the way for what He is about to do. The characteristics of this entire book speak about a messenger community, a community of individuals who are sent to be messengers of God. The ministry of Elijah connects you to God’s Word and to the spirit of Father and Son in a unique and powerful way; this is because the Elijah anointing develops within us complete obedience to the Word of God. This obedience operates in an environment of a father/son family relationship. The ministry and anointing of Elijah is an all-encompassing ministry where the spirit of Elijah affects and empowers every single person who is called to serve God. This ministry has within its complex composition the grace and anointing that will touch every facet of an individual believer’s life.


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