Biblical Economics

Biblical Economics

May 24 to Nov 22, 2015

Biblical Economics is presented to us in the midst of living in a troubled world caught in the maelstrom of deep socio-economic and political calamity. This series challenges us to develop a culture of faith that is totally dependent on God, our Father, for our daily sustenance and wellbeing, by understanding and conforming ourselves to the economy of the kingdom of God. Two contrasting economic systems, that of the ‘beast’ and the ‘lamb’, are presented. We are instructed that the ‘beast system’ teaches living that is isolated and independent from God, completely disconnected from Him in spirit, soul and body. On the other hand, the ‘lamb system’ teaches living that is completely dependent and reliant on the Heavenly Father for His loving care and provision. This teaching includes a study of the complex litany of first fruits, tithes and offerings practiced by the Hebrew people, a system that demands a culture of obedience to the commandments of God and looking to Him as the source of all provision for everything required for life. 


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